International repatriation

BE Assistance International is specialized in Mortal Remains repatriation services from any country to any destination, especially in Egypt
and GCC countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & Qatar in addition to Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, and Iraq. No matter the religion, origin, or destination we can assist indeed.

BE Assistance International is a rapidly growing repatriation company in Egypt. It is the only entity in the Egyptian market solely focused on repatriations, which gives it a competitive advantage against its competitors who have other activities.

We are part of several professional membership organisations across the world with our aim of making bereaved individuals’ most difficult times that little bit easier through our trusted repatriation and funeral services.

international funeral repatriation plane

It’s a natural feeling of all of us that we want to bring back a close relative respectively a female or male partner or friend to his homeland, no matter how far away he is.
We dispose over many years of experience in the international repatriation of Mortal remains around the globe and we are on your side in all matters relating to the corpse international repatriation & cremation services of the deceased from any country in which country you want.
Our experience and international repatriation & cremation services partnerships ensure that we can offer a wide range of services and cater for all religions, faiths, cultures, beliefs, ideologies and personal preferences for people anywhere in the world.
BE assistance International covers a massive areas overseas extending to all countries in all continents.

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