Funeral Assistance in Egypt


Anyone faces an emergency event such as illness, death, accident or whatever we here to talk about death in Egypt and we offer you some funeral assistance services.

Death is an urgent matter that may take place in anywhere and anytime when your relatives face death in Egypt, you should contact Be assistance agency As funeral directors in Egypt;
Funeral Directors, medical care, and Morticians are licensed to practice in Egypt by the General Department of Properties, Mortician’s and Funeral Director’s Council available at each governorate. Following are the names of funeral main branch
25 El-Radwa Trade Centre, 13849 Shoubra El Kheima.
Once you have an authorization for Be assistance agency as a Funeral director in Egypt,
an authorization should be done by :
• a relative
• someone present at the death
• an occupant of the house/official from the hospital
• A family lawyer or the person making the arrangements with the funeral directors

Funeral assistance
BE Assistance Agency offer International funeral repatriation to any country from any destination

We will move immediately to do what should be done:

• Finishing all embassy papers and documents.
• Finish all procedures in the ministry of health.
• Register a death document
• Finish procedures for morgue and hospitals.
• Booking a flight and keeping up with the case until reaching home.

Processes of treating with the deceased:

• Funeral case management and finishing all papers related to the case
• Registering and translating death certificates and other documents
• Embalming the deceased by our scientists and preparation of the body for international transport.
• Necessary arrangements to accommodate religious denominations
• Liaising with the collaborator on documents, procedures, and timing of repatriation,
• Reservation flights, arranging transportation to and from the airports. For any relatives or friends traveling with the deceased internal or external.
• Selecting coffins and caskets with all consider for the deceased religions and thoughts.
• Tracking the body processes on our website with a special code to keep comfortable for the deceased case.
• Charging the deceased personal properties.
Repatriation of Mortal Remains

The day of the funeral preparation:

After all previous funeral arrangements it comes for the day of the funeral; we know well how hard is that day but we are standing aside to ensure and support you with all services in both cases (burial or cremation) and also we help by organizing that occasion in occasion’s place or hotel to give all the funeral oration words with consider to:
• Music for the occasion
• Dressing of the deceased
• Presentation of the funeral oration
• Transportation car to and from the funeral.
• Funeral flowers.
• Video tape/DVD for the funeral

General Information

  • In generally, repatriation takes approximately 5-10 working days, from the date the deceased is released by the local authorities after releasing the authorization letter We begin releasing the required documents after then we book a flight and make the shipping process then send the flight details to the deceased relatives.
  • We also offer burial or cremation services as other options besides repatriation.
  • Follow up the deceased till arriving at the final destination by our Repatriation Progress Tracker with a unique reference number.

death in Egypt

Egyptian deceased abroad services:

We also would like to give help for Egyptian deceased abroad by getting them back home and having all the funeral services provided previously as we have a worldwide network ready to deal with any case all over the world.

Medical Assistance services:

We offer a full medical care service from and to any country in the world as we have a worldwide network and partnership of experienced hospitals abroad and in Egypt, a full experienced crew of doctor, nurses, hospitals, ambulances, medicines and all other medical services are provided.

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