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    • Repatriation of deceased from Egypt to any destination or from any destination to another all over the world.
    • Repatriation of mortal remains with full professionalism and respect.
    • Finishing all documents and procedures with competent authorities.
    • Funeral commemorations and remembering a non-forgotten memories.
    • Finish all medical procedures, morgue procedures and Register a death document.
    • Translating all papers as a deceased homeland language.
    • Booking a flight and keeping up with the case until reaching home.
    • Tracking the deceased by a reference code so that deceased relatives can feel safe.
    • Dealing with funeral directors, insurance companies and assistance companies.
    • Embalming by our scientists and preparation of the body for international transport.
    • Doing all the required arrangements which accommodate religious denominations


    • Helping you make the right decision : charging, burial or cremation.
    • Serving you as a part of family with all dignity and quality.
    • Providing the relatives with transportation facilities so that they could attend the funeral ceremony.
    • Filming the funeral processes in order to be memorable moments.
    • Just call or E-mail BE assistance agency.
    • Make an authorization letter with the deceased information so that we could sign it by the deceased embassy and begin the funeral process.
    • We will receive the deceased and begin embalming preparations.
    • Releasing the death certificate and all required documents.
    • Delivering the deceased to the morgue until flight date.
    • Booking the flight and delivering the deceased to the airport to be shipped.
    • Just call or mail BE assistance agency as we are able to ship deceased from any destination to another.
    • Be assistance agency will begin moving and doing what has to be done from the previous processes.

    Funeral directors

    • Full transportations and facilities.
    • Caskets and coffins.
    • Flight booking.
    • Cargo daily flights.
    • Dealing with religious organizations.
    • Documents translation services.
    • Co-operating with third parties.

    Insurance & Assistance companies

    • Coordination with assistance companies around the world for the best techniques of urgent repatriation services.
    • Dealing and providing our services for embassies and consulates.
    • Dealing with third parties and finishing a part or full of any repatriation services.
    • Relatives’ facilities and Assistance Company’s representatives’ co-operation.
    • Delegating of our experts for assistance companies and insurance companies to help them doing embalming and repatriation services at the highest level of efficiency.

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