Repatriation of deceased to Bolivia includes

  • Providing you with all information about international and local repatriation services according to local and international repatriation laws.

  • Providing you with all information about the available flights from the best airlines companies.

  • Preparing the deceased body before shipping includes embalming and skin care.

  • Dealing with our embalming experts who have a massive experiences in this filed.

  • Selection of the best Zinc lined coffins according to the international shipping laws.

  • Delivering home of all documents and certificates related to the deceased.

  • Finishing all the embassies and hospitals procedures quickly to release travelling permission from all the concerned authorities.

  • Book a flight to the deceased relatives if someone wants to accompany him.

  • Flight ticket for shipping the deceased in a suitable coffin.

  • Preparing Chapel of Rest rituals to send the deceased off.

  • Tracking of the deceased not to be worried.

  • Shipping of the deceased personal belongings.

  • Our services are available 24/7.

Repatriation of Deceased to Bolivia requirements

  • Original copies of the death certificates realized by the local authority.

  • All the deceased belongings including passport.

  • Realizing of burial and travelling permissions.

  • Providing you with the embalming report.

  • A sealed letter from the health department of non-contagious disease certificate

  • Casket – no restriction.

  • Embassies inspection not required.

Repatriation of Deceased to Bolivia

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